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EPIC Hearing Healthcare represents the nation’s first true specialty care carve out for the vital sense of hearing. The EPIC Hearing Service Plans (HSP) serve more union locals, trusts, and coalitions than any other hearing plan in the country. The EPIC HSP provides access to a national network of ENT’s and audiologists-- the largest in the nation-- and savings of 30-60% off retail on all major brand hearing aid technology, with prices starting as low as $495 for name brand digital hearing aids. In addition, EPIC provides extended warranties and a free year’s supply of batteries with purchase. EPIC will help to coordinate any existing hearing benefits and provide financing options when needed. Call EPIC toll free at 866-956-5400 to register, and obtain local provider information in your area; a hearing counselor will mail you a member booklet complete with plan details and hearing aid pricing information.


To sign up your fund for the EPIC Hearing Service Plan, contact Mike Reha, Director of Sales and Marketing at 877-606-3742 x2156 or email Mike at Fill out a simple group enrollment form, and your members can begin accessing the EPIC Hearing Service Plan immediately.


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