The Massachusetts Coalition of Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, Inc.

About Us

The Mass Coalition provides a forum for the discussion of ideas and concerns that are encountered in the everyday operations of the management of the participating funds. The Mass Coalition monitors government actions, regulations and proposals as well as significant legal decisions, which impact benefits provided to covered employees and their families.

Members of the Mass Coalition are afforded the opportunity to reduce Plan costs based on the collective purchasing power of the Coalition by joining together as a large group to negotiate with service providers.

By drawing on the collective experience and expertise of the group, the Mass Coalition and its members participate in public hearings and testify on concerns and policies that relate to employee benefits.

The Mass Coalition offers products to its members which allow each fund the freedom of structuring its own benefit package. This is done by obtaining provider discounts in return for volume and prompt payments. Participation in the Coalition results not only in reduced costs but also in improved access to services and increased satisfaction of plan participants.