Decusoft is a provider of specialized software solutions that enable organizations to simplify the administration of complex compensation and benefit management processes. Our software is backed by a tenured team with a proven track record of implementing highly configured solutions that easily adapt to changing business requirements. We commit to making the complex simple and delivering VIP level service. 

EasyAdmin is our web-based software solution that streamlines and automates the complexities of Union Benefit Funds management. Originally designed specifically for Taft-Hartley funds, EasyAdmin is a highly flexible, specialized and cutting edge solution for any organization with:

·        Government contracts

·        A mix of union and non-union employees

·        Multiple bargaining units

·        Organizations with complex Union contracts and/or Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage projects

With EasyAdmin, we know that no two unions are the same, therefore your solution will be configured to the way you work.  We’ve done the job that you are doing, so our software is written by and for administrators.

EasyAdmin: Simple. Configurable. Adaptable. Designed to work the way you work!

Ralph Feminella

Vice President of Sales, EasyAdmin


70 Hilltop Road, Suite 1003

Ramsey, NJ 07446


Office: (973) 493-8531

Fax: (201) 669-3151


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